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  Straight from the source "JALv2 is a rewrite of Wouter van Ooijen's famous Just Another Language" and can be found at and was written by Kyle York. The original JAL was written by Wouter for his own personal use and was given to the world for all to enjoy, for a historical perspective check it out at . Many owe thanks to Wouter (yours truly included) for getting them started with micro-controllers. The original JAL was never suited for the 18F series of PICs, although Wouter did expand on it to give some support he soon realized that the, for lack of a better word, "hack"  was never going to be suitable for the growing capabilities of PICs and agreed to allow Kyle to release a new version that is very similar in function with expanded capabilities. JALv2 has grown in popularity and even has a book of projects released. The book, PIC Microcontrollers 50 Projects for Beginners and Experts, was written by Bert van Dam and is available in several languages. Check it and his other books out at Bert wrote his own code libraries for use in the book and they predate  the official libraries available at and vary from them. Many a beginner using JALv2 owe a debt of gratitude to Bert for being able to use the compiler without having to write their own routines for AtoD conversion, using LCD displays, etc.

Now for a brief message to all you critics out there concerning the schematics I will be posting. I am well aware of the available schematic drawing programs available but I am choosing to do it the way I did because in most cases my representation of a device (particularly PICs) will better match what the reader has in front of them than say EAGLE's symbol for that device. Remember, these diagrams are for illustration purposes, not PCB layout.

With all of that out of the way, let's have some fun !!!